Choose Your Fast

20TH APRIL 2022

Sunrise to sunset (8.15pm)

Leicestershire’s High Sheriff Invites You to Stand Together And ‘Choose Your Fast’ – What Will You Give Up?

The High Sheriff of Leicestershire is inviting everyone to join her in ‘giving something up’ for one day on April 20th.  The ‘Choose Your Fast’ initiative has been created to reconnect communities, as well as raise money for local charities.

Join in by following these 5 steps.

One: Choose your fast!

Fasting is about giving things up and being mindful.

Fasting is good for our bodies and minds.

Our challenge to you is to give up one thing on Wednesday 20th April from sunrise (5.56am) to sunset (8.15pm).

Use the day to pause a little, to focus on something other than what who usually do.

Use the day to connect with others who are fasting.

Choose what you will give up.

Will you give up your phone, social media, chocolate, bread, sugar?

Will you drink only water, eat only fruit, eat only vegetables, or go nil by mouth?

(Please be mindful of any medical issues if giving up food and drink)

Two: Spread the word

Fasting is easier together. It is a way of coming together in an act of community. Spread the word and get as many of your friends, family and neighbours involved as you can.

Let’s make it fun and enjoy the health and social benefits together.

Three: Tag two people on social media

Use social media to spread the word. Tag your network of friends. Get your colleagues involved. Make it a community occasion. Let’s do this together.

Share your fasting experience on social media:

What you chose to give up, who you broke the fast with, what you gained.

Use the hashtags #ChooseYourFast  #FastingTogether #HighSheriffLeicestershire

Four: Break your fast together

Break your fast with a friend, a neighbour, family at 8.15pm.

Engage in an act of community and sharing.

Do it on your doorstep with a glass of water, a piece of fruit or a date, or over a meal.

Take pictures and share.

Five: Choose your charity

You may want to use this as an opportunity to raise money for a good cause. If you do, then you may like to support one of the High Sheriff’s Charities.

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