High Sheriff Award presented to Tim Frisby, First Responder

First Responders are volunteers and in 2023 Tim Frisby responded to 894 emergency (999) call outs.

I am in awe of this man, and it was privilege to present him his High Sheriff of Leicestershire Award. 

He was nominated by the Fire and Rescue Service who he often works closely with on emergency responses and who described his selfless commitment is second to none, always putting people first and whose expertise and support on call outs is outstanding.

Tim has volunteered as a First Responder for 17 years, providing 24hr cover whenever he can even over the Christmas period and told me he needed no thanks.

If you want to know more about First Responders or want to see if you can help others by becoming one please go the EMAS page about Community First Responders

If you want to learn to save a life in just 15mins – check out my following post about CPR or go to the British Heart Foundation website.

Tim responded to 894 call outs last year. The sobering statistic is that 64 of these were cardiac arrests, 9 of which resulted in return of circulation – 2 of which are still alive and had CPR done by a by-stander until help arrived. If you are also in awe of Tim please learn CPR – don’t put it off – be ready for that day.