Leicester Magistrate and Leicester Combined Court Visit

An absolutely fascinating day for the High Sheriff at Leicester Magistrates Court and then at Leicester Combined Court. Even as a Magistrate myself I found there was so much to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and in other the courts and it was so interesting to meet so many other agencies who work in the courts.

Thank you to the Judges, probation, security, cleaning staff, witness service, magistrates and the huge array of office and other staff who spent time explaining their roles. It was genuinely a privilege to meet you all.

Magistrates are trained volunteer members of the local community who make decisions in criminal and family cases in Magistrates Courts, Youth Court and Family Court. They have a legal advisor to guide them on points of law. Anyone can apply to be a magistrate; I would encourage everyone to think about it. https://www.gov.uk/become-magistrate https://www.magistrates-association.org.uk/

At the Combined Court I learned from the Judges about the extensive and challenging work of the Civil Court and the Family Court which was completely humbling to understand the very difficult cases they must hear. I enjoyed meeting the witness support team at this court too, as well as so many of the office staff who take pride in their work and make a difference to those people who come into contact with the courts.

What an extraordinary team at both courts and thank you so much for what you all do.

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