Men and Women in Sheds, Charnwood

I was met with hive of creativity when I visited the Men and Women in Sheds Charnwood with the Mayor of Charnwood as one of her chosen charities.

Men and Women in Sheds offers a safe space for individual pursuits and community projects, a sense of purpose, achievement and social interaction. Wherever possible, the sheds use reclaimed timber for their creations. You can buy the handcrafted products to help raise funds to keep the shed open, benefiting people in our community.

It was fascinating meeting such a broad range of people and hearing their stories and how Men and Women in Sheds helps them. The industrious atmosphere was often punctuated by laughter from the group who clearly are extremely supportive of each other. Some users were complete novices when they joined and there is a culture of mutual learning and allowing everyone to find their passion.

I was blown away by the talent of the pottery group, and such talent can only be helped to flourish by the dedicated teachers who give their time.

What a wonderful organisation it was great to meet such a talented bunch of people.

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