No 5 Leicester

No5 in Leicester is a centre that provides a safe environment for those who living on the streets and who are experiencing substance misuse issues and are homeless or have accommodation problems.

On the day I visited 89 people had registered their attendance. No 5 can expect some 1,100 people to pass through its doors every month. A delicious lunch for over 50 was being provided and cooked by the New Testament Church of God.

The centre provides shower and laundry facilities, IT support, phone, advice and breakfasts. It also provides important medical support that includes help for those with mental health issues. It provides such an incredible service helping those most in need.

The staff are truly dedicated to their work helping those who are some of the most vulnerable in society. It is testament to their hard work and commitment that they were able to keep the centre open during Covid to ensure a vital service continued under such adverse conditions. It was a humbling experience to see the incredible work the centre does.

The event was hosted by Wayne Henderson and Nick Carter.

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