Visit to the Jain Centre in Leicester

The High Sheriff had the pleasure of visiting the oldest Jain Temple in the UK. A warm welcome awaited me. My tour of the Temple and the shrines was led by Usha, who is the president of the Jain Centre.

With a growth in the Jain community the first Jain Samaj was established some 50 years ago. In 1979 the temple was established on Oxford Street. Incredibly it was the first fully consecrated Jain Temple in the Western World. It is a magnificent building with a central shrine with multiple pillars intricately carved. I was fortunate to meet so many who are involved in the running of the Temple, whose devotion and love of the building was so evident.

I was given a very informative tour of the Centre, meeting the great Jain Community, and learning about the Temple and the history of the Jain religion and the individual shrines. I learnt the Temple is not only an important central focal point for the Leicester Jain community, but it is also an important centre for so many around the world who come to visit the Temple.

I was touched to be given a gift by the Trustees of the Temple and afterwards shared a wonderful lunch prepared in the Temple according to the Jain principles. The Temple is open to all, and visitors are actively encouraged. It is an important part of the wonderfully diverse community in Leicester that makes it such an incredible City. Thank you.

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