HMP Gartree

The High Sheriff received a very warm welcome to HMP Gartree and learned about some of the training opportunities and activities available to prisoners as part of their rehabilitation and heard about their achievements too.

I have visited prisons before in roles I held before being asked to be High Sheriff, however, I have never had the opportunity to listen to such a talented group of singers as the HMP Gartree choir when I sat in on their practice on my visit.  With their skilled leader they ran through several songs, (including Queens “I want to break free”!) and it was good to see them encouraging and supporting each other in the session.

Thank you also to the Deputy Governor for their time and the opportunity to have discussion about the work that is done rehabilitating prisoners and learning about the community at HMP Gartree.

It is an extraordinary career working in the prison service but if you want to make a difference and you are a good listener it is really worth thinking about.

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